Attitude makes the difference in almost everything we do, or try to do. In times of failure, attitude specially makes the difference. Most people have a difficult time understanding that failure is not a person. Failure is an event. Therefore, failure should not be taken personally.Whatever happened in the past, even if the past was as recently as yesterday, is over. It’s gone. If yesterday included a failure, or even a series of failures in your life, it’s gone. History.

Yesterday ended last night;That’s pretty exciting when you think about it. Whatever happened yesterday is history. Think nothing of it other than to learn from it and move forward. Even if yesterday included a series of victories in your life, think nothing of it and move forward because yesterday is gone.Today is a brand new day, and it’s yours!

If you can plug into this kind of an attitude, it’s much easier to realize and accept that each of us was created to win. That kind of thinking is powerful. In fact, it’s so powerful that it can overcome technical and skill –level weakness.Studies at Harvard and Stanford reveal that 85 percent of the reason a person gets a job and gets ahead in that job is due to attitude, Only 15 percent has anything to do with technical or specific skills. With the “right” attitude, you can and you will develop the necessary skills to advance in your career.

There are several ways. First, plan to win .Don’t concentrate on failure. Think about the victories in store for you.Also,prepare and preparing to win is not a once –and –done process. In fact, it’s a lifetime process. There are numerous steps you can take, every day, to plan and prepare for your victories.For example, read something informational or inspirational every day.Another idea: enroll in automobile university. Listen to motivational cassettes while you drive.

One University reports that if you drive 12,000 miles a year, by listening to educational recordings you can acquire the equivalent of two years of a college education in just three years of driving.One more suggestion: start the day and end the day with positive input into your mind. If you do this, exciting things are bound to happen. Psychologists tell us that your first “encounter” of the day has as much impact on your attitude for the remainder of the days the next five encounters you experience.

Get up and read before you go to work, or spend quiet, reflective time, thinking positively, of course. In the evening, wind down with more inspirational reading, or by listening to a cassette.Follow these suggestions and you’re bound to develop a healthier attitude. And remember, it’s the attitude that’s going to move you forward.Had a bad day yesterday? Forget